Here are a small number of stories from people who have undergone a regression.  First regressions can be quite stirring; often there is a backlog of pressures and blocks waiting to be released, so the journeyer can feel very relieved, often tired, and almost always surprised by how it has all 'made sense'.  There are an endless variety of stories, each matching the intentions that the client has brought to that particular session.

Tricia B.

Tricia had a profound near-death experience in her early twenties. She writes...

Kevin was kind enough to regress me for a specific issue. I had worked hard at manifesting a publisher for my book, but my agent was not making progress. I felt as if I were pushing up against traditional forces that I couldn't see, and I was not able to break through them.

As a writer, I wanted to bring a fresh, new perspective to the topic of near-death experiences and being a young woman in the culture of the United States.

The regression took me back to a time when I was a Native American woman in Virginia and I very much wanted the settlers to understand my culture and work together with them. I studied and learned English, and became an interpreter, but the differences between our cultures proved too difficult to overcome and eventually I was cruelly shot.

I was a mother and young, and in the regression I had the chance to understand the bigger picture, such as being able to also experience the confusion and pain of the man who shot not only me, but my children as well, and who then went home to his wife and his own children and wondered about his choices. The difference in our hopes and goals had ended in tragedy.

From this regression, I learned what was holding me back, and could then reenergise my sense of self, to be steadfast whether I was accepted or not by my current culture. I could now more simply own my voice, my story, my truth....

Very shortly, I had an offer for the book, and I have loved working with my publisher every step of the way. They are supportive of my voice and let me keep my book the way I wrote it with only tiny revisions for better clarity. I do credit this regression with helping me release a block from the past. Thank you Kevin!

Heather L.

I approached Kevin for a regression as I had been going through extremely stressful times and they seemed to all come along together. How was I going to cope? I was also worried about what damage all this stress and anxiety might be doing to my inner body.

Kevin talked in his wonderfully calming way about what I might want to gain from regression to which I answered - inner peace.

As the regression progressed I felt I was in another dimension, and there I had been a sailor on HMS Victory fighting under the command of Nelson. There I was badly wounded with sharp wood splinters from cannon balls coming through the topsides of the ship and lost a leg and eventually had a peg leg. My stump was coated in tar.

I was one of the lucky ones. Most of the sailors injured with wooden ‘shrapnel’ so to speak, died of their wounds, moreso than from bullets or swords.

However, I survived and when discharged from the Navy became a Publican, had a satisfactory on shore life and died in my own bed!

To me this story was completely unexpected. For a start I am not at all fond of the sea and I am teetotal and hate the taste of alcohol...

...however, to have regressed as I did could be the very reasons I feel about the sea and alcohol as I do now!

Another curious detail – All my life I’ve had a habit of wiggling my toes, and it just made me think, that it’s almost as if I’m checking to make sure my feet are there!

This was a fabulous experience. Quite draining at the time but giving great food for thought. You remember your regression. I am sure this helps me to this day cope with my everyday stresses as I definitely do not feel as anxious as I did pre regression. I survived Nelson, I can cope with anything!

Mark C.

Kevin's regression was a great experience. It helped raise my awareness around various decisions I was making. It took me to a place where I was physically very different and instinctive. For me this gave me some insight to follow my gut around a specific career decision which is currently going well! It's also generally a relaxing and energising experience. I'd highly recommend trying it out!