Discovering You


No matter what your past has been, you can create your life anew . . .

Have you ever found yourself blocked in your life, stumbling when you should be soaring forward, or stuck with mental or emotional baggage that leaves you empty of hope and joy? Do you sometimes get the sense that just out of reach, hidden away, there must be some kind of inner pattern or unconscious belief that is limiting your soul's potential? And what about that niggling ache or pain? Perhaps it's just that our complicated lives are too noisy and filled to the brim to find the peace needed to help sort it all out . . .

. . . and you are not alone

“Right now many people are feeling the same; polarised and uncertain, or even full of turmoil. As our planet faces enormous challenges to maintain its balance, many are trying to extract meaning out of the circumstances of their lives. They are searching for answers amidst numerous personal and global difficulties and obstacles.

“They search through their past and early childhood to understand who they are. They seek out mentors, gurus, leaders, and teachers to point the way. They consult therapists to discover how they fit into the larger context of life. However, the one place that very few people look is into the deep wisdom that dwells in the centre of their being.”
Denise Linn          
This is the work of Past Life Regression. Through a simple process of deep relaxation you can be returned to the insights and answers that lie within. Patterns can shift, blocks tumble; sometimes even difficult traits that have lasted for generations can be uncovered, understood, released and healed. When first considering taking this journey it can seem daunting, and often people imagine that the details will be difficult, but in actual practice the process is profoundly gentle, moving at your pace and with your choices at every step, guided from the deep wisdom that you have at your core.


Set an intention

You may have limitations or problems to clear, but it doesn't stop there. Perhaps you'd like to simply discover more about yourself, or hidden talents that you may have, the person you were in a different place and time. This isn't necessarily about discovering which famous person you were in a past life - it happens sometimes, but it's rare - it's about something much more exciting: discovering your deeply stored and vastly rich ‘big' story. You can open the door to understanding your self, with each adventure and step you've made bringing colour and purpose to your life today.


Sessions take 60, 90, or 120 minutes and many can be done via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp, and other similar applications. You receive a recording of your session and follow up for any questions you have after your journey. Do read the stories on the website, and if you have any questions just get in touch to book or find out more.