This method of regression work emphasises profound relaxation as the key component needed to successfully recall deep subconscious memories. The intention is to resolve practical problems, ailments, and discover new interests in the PLR journeyer’s current life. Every step of each regression is supported, with the journeyer making every choice about where to go and what to explore.

Kevin Wooding trained in Past Life Regression with Denise Linn, having started his journey at a large workshop session in 2010:
I really had no expectations, I had no notion of what a past life regression was supposed to do, and yet it was a transformational moment...  At the time I was under a cloud of uncertainty, and when Denise said to the group "Ask a question..." my ears pricked up. I somehow managed to narrow it down to just one main request before we started; and when I walked out of the session I had a lot of answers to things I thought were forever inexplicable. Even more remarkable was that I was just one of maybe 600 people in the audience, each undertaking their own journeys. It was such a powerful moment, and so surprisingly simple... that I skipped the rest of the weekend workshops I had booked!

Kevin has been teaching the Alexander Technique and Bates Method since the mid 1990s; after the PLR session in 2010 it became clear there was a quality of release available from this new technique that was invaluable.

It was few years after that workshop, when an Alexander technique student of mine began to spontaneously access past-life memories, that I knew I had to train. These are events and connections that almost everyone can access; people often say, ‘oh of course I kind of knew that... I had just forgotten. Now a whole lot makes more sense.’