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Before you begin

  • To book, make initial contact on the form above, stating which Journey you would like to explore from the options below. I will then get in touch with further instructions for times and methods of payment.
  • When booking choose a time that you know you will not be interrupted, and where you can sit or lie down quietly and comfortably.  You’ll need to have some water nearby, and to drink a little before the call.
  • For pricing in your country, please get in touch through the form above for your local price list.
  • Unless you live nearby, sessions are accomplished over Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp or similar. Before we do the session we will test the connection before your appointment to make sure it is reliable.

Past Life Regression

Standard PLR – 90 minutes  –   Book here
This is the most common length for both the experienced and the novice to PLR; it gives us time to clarify your intention for the session and the space afterwards to discuss and answer any questions. Meet your guides, explore your journey in context of your current life  This also covers an optional free 10 minute follow-up a week or more later.    

Quick PLR – 60 minutes   –   Book here
For the experienced past life regression student,  the Quick PLR covers the essential recall of your journey while you integrate it easily into your PLR overview.

Deep PLR – 120 minutes   –   Book here
Time to explore every detail and even link up to different lifetimes. Meet your guides, explore your transition to the afterlife and receive insights from your grandest perspective.

Preparation and Practice

Rest and Recharge – 20 minutes   –   Book here
Every Past Life Regression and Dream Gaze involves relaxing deeply!  The Rest and Recharge focuses on the relaxation process and is a personal one to one guided meditation that matches your needs and takes you to a profound place of calm and serenity. This is also great preparation and practice for taking any of the PLR or Dream Gaze journeys and is excellent in its own right for your total wellbeing.

Dream Gazing

Dream Tester - Free! – 5 minutes   –   Book here
This is a useful starting point to discover your style of imagination and whether this technique would work for you.  Some people find a Dream Gaze of just two minutes surprisingly powerful and effective.  It doesn’t work for everyone, so this is a chance to try it out and see if it is for you.

Simple Dreamer – 10 minutes   –   Book here
A quick dip into the subconscious to clarify answers and find steps forward in your life.

Dream Standard – 20 minutes   –   Book here
A deeper exploration clearing blocks, receiving insights and a thorough full body relaxation.

Dream Weaver – 30 minutes   –   Book here
For experienced Dreamers! A Dream Gaze can reach surprising depths and in a long session there is an apparent limitless potential to explore your inner and outer world. People can slip into Lucid dreaming, practical problem solving, discovering intricate patterns in their psyche. It’s even possible to explore artistic aspirations such as writing a book, painting, gaining inspiration to get going on a project or receive insight on work issues and relationships.    You can even get better at remembering your dreams at night.